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  • Leave Your Books to Us So You Can Focus on YOUR Business

    If you are not in the business of providing  Accounting Services, you are already costing yourself money. The time you spend trying to figure out your books is time you could be billing or working on your own bottom line!! 
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  • Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping Function?

    You will have more time to focus on your business purpose, and in the end, you will have a better bottom line. Let us help you design processes to give you the most from your records.
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  • Adopt Processes That Free Up Time!

    Today's Accounting environment has change significantly! There is an app for about anything you need to have done. This frees up your Accounting partner to focus more on the analysis and recommendations for your business!
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Welcome to Angela's Bookkeeping & Tax

How We Can Help

At Angela's we take care of your Books so you can take care of YOUR business. Its time to get your bookkeeping under control once and for all!! We can help free up some of your valuable (billable) time so you can improve YOUR bottom line!                                                                                    

Our services go beyond Bookkeeping and Income Taxes. We can help you with fine tuning your processes, introducing efficient processes, research, and business structuring.

AND we can BE your tax preparer if you don't have one. Or work closely with the one you already have. It will make Tax time less taxing!

Our Goal? To provide you with the knowledge that gives you power in your own business!

Accounting Services

Sales/Payroll Tax Returns

Tax Services

Individual Tax Preparation

Business Income Tax Preparation

Tax Planning

Audit Support

Business Consulting

Business Structuring
Start up filings
Processes Evaluation
Software Solutions
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Need Guidance on How to Start or What to Change?

We can discuss what your business goals are, what you need to succeed, and help you devise a plan for success! We can go over the benefits and drawbacks of each type of business structure. If you are a one man shop or have partners, we can assure you are informed so you can make the right decisions. Once you make the decision of how you want to structure, we can help with the filings and the paperwork involved with that! We will work closely with your current advisory team!



We Know Where You Are Coming From!

We're a small business, just like you! You don't pay for our vacations, benefits, sick time, or even payroll taxes. You pay for the services we provide. We back up our decisions and processes, freeing you from the responsibility of them. We come "hassle-free".

Process Improvements:

There's an App For That!

We are up to date on bookkeeping and business software. Many of the tedious data entry steps can now be automated which allows more time for the analysis and compliance a business needs to survive. If there are things that are inefficient, that you don't like, or would like to improve, we can help with that. From identifying the pain points, designing the solution and implementing the solution… we can help with it all. We even train the key members of YOUR team! 

Tax Compliance:

Tax Compliance is more than just income taxes. You may have several reporting requirements depending on what your business is, what you sell, and how you are structured. We can help with the scheduling and filing of those tax requirements. Payroll taxes, sales taxes, and estimated income taxes.

AND we can BE your tax preparer if you don't have one. Or work closely with the one you already have. It will make Tax time less taxing!

Business Insight:

With the reports created from your up-to-date books, you can gain valuable insight to help you make key business decisions.

Our analysis and explanation of these reports will come with recommendations and suggestions on ways to improve your bottom line.